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August 2021 Vo Projects and Radio Life

It's been a long month. I actually took a mini vacation and that was lovely. Then I got back to work and I'm basically holding down the fort radio-wise so blogging has been on the back burner.

As far as radio life, the group of stations I work at is going through an ownership change so hello transition time! I'm back to being a morning person, which means waking up at 4 AM. My sleep schedule is almost levelled out though and I still sit and do auditions around the same time so I guess my circadian rhythms are trained to do voiceover stuff around 4 PM.

I have managed to get some voiceover jobs this month though, so here's a few. I did some phone and corporate stuff as well but obviously that's harder to share online.

The Parabola Project, a resource to help schools navigate having kids in school during the pandemic.

VRBO Family Vacations videos

Technically this one posted in July but whatever, it's a few fun scripts about traveling with kids. It's my Friendly Mom voice. It's funny that I have a Friendly Mom voice because, spoiler alert, I'm not a Mom but if they like what they hear then okay.

American Home Shield

Another Friendly Mom explanation read all about home warranties.

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