• Erin Cox

How voiceover can help your business

You might be thinking, why would my company need a voiceover person for anything?

Voiceover is more than commercials. Companies use voiceover for e-learning, phone answering systems, virtual tours, explainer videos, YouTube Pre-roll ads and social media. Here are links to projects I've worked on to show a little range and introduce you to the wide world of what voiceover artists can do for you.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are exactly what they sound like, here's one I did for Stearns County through Civic Brand, the same company that came up with Heartland Lakes. You have to click on "Watch the Video" for it to pop up.

Shape Stearns 2040

Company Anthem

Anthem videos are kind of commercials but they are also supposed to rally the troops a bit. Basically they show off the company AND make people proud to work there.

Vitamin Shoppe Anthem

Social Media Videos

Here's a quick project I did with Personalization Mall. Some were Christmas themed, this one isn't.

Personalization Mall

Voiceover is used in many ways. Hopefully these gave you some ideas on how voiceover can help your business. If you think I am a voice that can help you, please email me at hello@realfriendlyvoiceover.com

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