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I live in Northern Minnesota with my wonderful fork-lifting husband, barky dogs and yowly cat. Getting to voiceover has been a winding road starting in the Navy, leading to roller derby, then Connecticut School of Broadcasting and radio. As far as my reads, I offer a real friendly read. My voice is warm and upbeat, unless you want more attitude or energy, I can do that too. If you want an old school radio Announcer, I’m your girl. Need a friend to talk to over coffee? Of course you do, I’m only an email away. My hobbies are cooking, singing along to old country songs, playing MarioKart, watching DragRace, owning too many cookbooks, and being outside when Minnesota weather permits. In January I did the stereotypical thing and got a Peloton bike, ask me about my current streak! If you’re casting something you think I’d fit, I’m happy to send an audition.

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