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April 7, 2024 10:07 AM


First of all, this is not a blog. I'm not trying to over promise and under deliver.

This is something I decided to do while I was sweaty as hell during a workout. Everyone needs a place for thoughts, right? Might as well post them here. Since this is NOT A BLOG, I can't promise a certain (let's be honest SEO friendly) length of posts or that it will continue with any regularity.

I can promise a real, friendly look at life as a voiceover artist trying to make it work while having a full-time job. Are there enough of those out there? Probably, but let's just see where this takes us shall we?

A little bit about me: my name is Erin and I'm just trying to make it all work. As I sit and type this, I'm sweaty from a workout, watching birds out my window and writing this to one of those Spotify Sunday Morning playlists while a very snuffly dog snores in the background. My husband is asleep on the couch because he has a night job, it's quiet and I really should be in the shower by now. But inspiration hits when it hits.

My day job is the Program Director at Delahunt Media. We're a group of radio stations in Northern Minnesota and if you've ever listened to Coffeetime let me assure you that the opinions expressed on Coffeetime are not the opinions of Real Friendly Voiceover (those opinions are Ed's and Ed's alone).

I'm on the air in the mornings during KPRM/KDKK's live time. I hop on around 8:30 - 9 to talk about community events, play music and try to brighten up the listeners day a bit. There's already a lot going on in The World to make us all sad and it's easy to get down so I try to give them something to look forward to, a way to help or just a fun story to take through their day.

As stressful as it can get, I'm happy to work where I do. Radio stations ebb and flow with the times, seasons and area businesses and sometimes busy voiceover times crash into busy radio times (like late November, woof) but both are flexible enough that somehow it works.

So when do I have time for auditions, live sessions and to record jobs? I fit them in over lunch breaks and after work. It's weird, I'll go through weeks where no one wants a live session and then BOOM everyone wants a live session. Radio is pretty flexible so as long as I have a day or so notice, it works out. If there's a radio event, I avoid scheduling a live session that day. So far the balancing act has worked out.

Is my house kind of a mess? Do I have to take days off where I purposefully do nothing and then feel sort of guilty about it? Do I have a yowly cat that threatens to mess up live sessions? Yes. But that's life.

Anyway I'll wrap this up with a summary of what I might NOT BLOG about next:

I've recently gotten over myself and started listening to Business Audiobooks. I'm trying to listen to 3 a month. I'll post about the first 3 I listened last month, there that's a teaser, there's the radio pre-sell. Anyway, see you then. It'll be a little Listening Rainbow.

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